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at the Sun:

The Story of a Man Who Changed His Spots




This memoir is about a straight man, his gay friend, and the bumpy road to self-enlightenment.


Chicago artist Bob Fischer convinces his best friend Michael to travel across America in a rental truck filled with his own artwork in the spring of 1997.


In their rolling confessional, Bob takes on the role of the pseudo-therapist, as Michael tries to figure out how to face his own relationship fears and commit to disproving the old adage that "a leopard can't change his spots."


Can two men – one an eccentric, bohemian, Jewish artist and the other a divorced, neurotic, former altar boy - travel across America without driving each other crazy? 


Think Sideways meets My Dinner with Andre, and a road trip that both challenges and solidifies a friendship.   SEE QUOTES BELOW.


NOTE: This book contains sexually explicit content.

Laughing at the Sun is a fast moving road memoir that blends the outrageous late 1990s art world with inner soul. Michael Nejman and Bob Fischer are the modern day Buz and Tod, driving down the Route 66 of Nejman's transfixing mind. Music, mayhem and cheap motels-- Nejman captures it all with dignity and detail. I loved this book.  

                            ---Dave Hoekstra, author, fellow roadie, and host of WGN Radio's Nocturnal Journal



(Lauging at the Sun) is  a really terrific book!  

                            --- Nick Digilio, WGN Radio personality


 (Lauging at the Sun) is moving, at the same time funny...pick up this book and you will no doubt get an insight to wherever you are in your life's journey. Highly recommended!  

                            --- Mary O'Donohue, author




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